2021 - Local Food for Community Resilience

    • Welcome Address
      Presenter:Dean Rolando Flores
      Dean Flores gives the official welcome to this year’s 2021 WSARE online conference.
      Video Length: 7:28
    • Irrigation Efficiency in Pecans
      Presenter:Richard Heerema
      Richard Heerema gives his presentation on the importance of proper irrigation for pecan trees. Richard begins by talking about “lost” water and the different types of ways growers can lose water. He then discusses the different types of irrigation systems and their benefits.
      Video Length: 33:38
    • Science, Community & Seed at NMSU Jose Fernandez Garden
      Presenter: Brad Tonnessen
      Brad Tonnessen begins by giving some background about Jose Fernandez Garden (JFG) an uncommon vegetable garden at NMSU. He then talks about the vegetables that were grown through the years and how they performed.
      Video Length: 28:20
    • Promoting Beneficial Insects
      Presenter: Miranda Kersten
      Miranda Kersten gives general information on beneficial insects and the benefits they provide. Different types of insects in New Mexico are then covered such as bees, wasps, and flies. Miranda then discusses different types of flowers that can be used to attract a variety of insects.
      Video Length: 30:13
    • NMDA’s Healthy Soil Program
      Presenters:Katie Goetz/Dean Bruce
      Katie Goetz and Dean Bruce given some history and the mission of NMDA’s Healthy Soil program. The Healthy Soil program awards grants to eligible entities to help producers and farmers implement sustainable practices on their land. Dean goes over all aspects of the Healthy Soil program and how it works for people who receive the grants.
      Video Length: 27:48
    • Seed to Supper: Beginning a Vegetable Garden Program
      Presenter: Sally Cassady
      Sally Cassady talks about her program Seed to Supper under the ICAN program which aims to educate New Mexicans on healthy eating habits and lifestyles. Seed to Supper is a course that focuses on teaching people how to plan, develop, and grow a vegetable garden on a budget.
      Video Length: 28:19